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Hi there,

First of all, welcome to the course! The Positive Teacher Network was born out of the frustration that quality personal development and support is lacking in the teaching profession. You can find out more about us at Positive Teacher Network. Our aim was to change that by creating resources to support both staff and student wellbeing that can be accessed any time and used again and again when people need them most.

In each lecture on this course there is a short introduction to what the module is about and why you might want to embark on it. Then a pdf is viewable or you can download and print it. This is supported by a 20 min video of Clare Martin (Founder of the PTN) coaching you through the content.

You can pick and choose where you start with the modules. They are not in a specific order. It is more about choosing ones that would be most useful to you right now.

The student resources are stand alone printables. But much of the content is taught through the personal modules so they compliment what you learn for your own wellbeing and allow you to pass on the ideas to your students.

I hope you enjoy and find the content useful. If you need further 1-2-1 support or coaching please contact me at [email protected]

x Clare

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